ALTVATEC-CONSULT provides special knowledge for very complex production plants and new advanced product ideas for the:

   -       Bakery Industries
   -       Confectionery Industry
-       Chocolate Industry
-       Snack Food Industry

Consulting work only for very complex, sophisticated, filled or multi layered combined products, out of different masses which have to be used.

Combination of baked masses with confectionery or chocolate, fruit masse etc. decates of  experience from all over the world in the related industries can be guaranteed.


ALTVATEC-CONSULT serves the most to large international leading group of companies, in design, high efficient, cost saving, fully automated production lines for high and highest outputs. This includes new advanced most sophisticated technologies for state of the art production plants.


ALTVATEC-CONSULT select, recommends and creates the most suitable technologies and production systems, on the basic presently available, leading equipment suppliers on the world market. Standard equipments can be adapted to the product which must be produced. Therefore the best and cost saving equipment can be choosen.


ALTVATEC-CONSULT provides the complete process technologies and engineering for the production plants. For the different markets ALTVATEC-CONSULT are able to create new successful consumer products for the related industies.

Depending on application and the specific products which have to be produced, there are different leading machine suppliers on the world marked.

Different equipment supplier on the market offering for complicated products more or less suitable solutions.


ALTVATEC-CONSULT choose and recommend the best suitable machines of different suppliers for one specific process and product and combined the individual machines to a unic one of its kind automatic production system for highest efficiency and hygienic standards, which are not available from one single supplier.


ALTVATEC-CONSULT creates on the base of available standard equipments, the most advanced production plant, in outstanding quality.


If not available ALTVATEC-Design additional equipment needed for the process.



The ALTVATEC-Service includes also:
-       New product ideas and developments

-       Processautomation an optimization

-       Cost saving analysis

-       Innovative production systems

-       Engineering for turn key plants


ALTVATEC-Know-How - your profit


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